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ballot rigging by council leader Iain Malcolm – what happened next

'Postal votes for Pat Piggott abducted by council Leader Iain Malcolm'

'Postal votes for Pat Piggott abducted by council Leader Iain Malcolm'

Last week Mr Monkey published the findings of his investigation into ballot rigging by Labour council leader Iain Malcolm at the 2000 local elections.  

At the time it was widely predicted that councillor Iain Malcolm would lose his seat to the Conservative candidate, Patricia Piggott so he took matter into his own hands by arranging for party members to collect postal votes from unsuspecting members of the public by offering to post them on their behalf.

Little did they know that he had no intention of posting them – not until he had ‘sorted’ them. He did this by opening the ed the postal vote envelopes, removing  ballot papers and destroying the ones that had voted for the Conservative candidate. He then carefully resealed the ones that had voted for him and posted them back to the town hall. Councillor Malcolm’s fraudulent activities had ensured that he was declared the winner

CLICK HERE to read part one of Mr Monkey’s investigation in full.

Councillor Malcolm celebrated his ‘victory’ with a handful of associates who’d helped him secure his victory by either collecting postal votes, illegally completing them, opening them or destroying them. He even boasted that he’d cheated his way to victory by defeating the Conservative candidate.

His associates included, his brother Ed Malcolm, councillor Michael Clare, Arthur Meeks, Rob Dix and Mark Walsh.

After councilor Iain Malcolm was sworn in for another term the unsuspecting party members, Tom and Mary Taylor, who he’d cynically used to collect a large proportion of postal votes from the elderly and whose house he’d used to open the postal vote envelopes were finding it difficult to come to terms with what they had witnessed.

They were honest people with principles and high moral values who had been unwittingly dragged into Iain Malcolm’s plan to rig the ballot in his favour. This whole affair increasingly played on Tom’s mind and gradually his health started to deteriorate. Unfortunately Tom was torn between his loyalty to the movement, his duty as a party official (he was the local party treasurer) and his own consounce.

For months Tom agonised as to whether he should contact the police or confide in another party official but he didn’t know who he could trust after witnessing councillor Iain Malcolm ballot rigging in his own front room. Almost a year passed before the opportunity finally presented itself.

Tom’s ill health had prevented him from carrying out his duties as the party teasurer and it had also resulted in him missing a number of executive meetings. He was also unable to produce the treasure’s report for the South Shields Labour party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) – something which the party’s constitution required.

At a meeting of the executive Iain Malcolm produced a treasure’s report for the AGM (without the knowledge of the treasure) and said that he would sign it off. Two members of the executive objected to this and said that this was unconstitutional, broke party rules and left the executive open to allegations of fraud.

One of the objectors Geraldine White said that she would visit Tom at his home to see if he was happy to sign off the report produced by Iain Malcolm and would report back. This was reluctantly agreed.

PARTY TREASURER, TOM TAYLOR REVEALS ALL- Part 3 of this disgraceful act of betrayal and election fraud will follow shortly.


Independent Election Challenge in Simonside

Joan Meeks faces an uphill struggle to retain her Simonside and Rekendyke seat at the 2010 local elections.

Mr Monkey has been told by a source close to a community activist that the people of Simonside and Rekendyke are ready for change and are determined to make it happen in 2010.

They feel that for far too long they’ve been taken for granted and it’s time to send out a clear message to the three stooges that this ward is no longer a safe haven for Labour.

Unfortunately for Miss Golden Shower, aka councillor Joan Meeks, it seems her days on the council are numbered and that she will be joining her ex husband Arthur on Labour’s ever increasing casualty list.


Mr Monkey Needs you!

Mr Monkey has been speaking to a voice from Miss Piggy’s, aka council leader Iain Malcolm’s past and is in possession of some damning information about how he and his colleagues kept their seats in Horsley Hill at the turn of the millennium.

It seems that Miss Piggy’s may have cheated one of his opponents out of victory by fixing the ballot to suit himself.

Before Mr Monkey posts the full details of what this power mad hog got up to, he would like to contact Patricia Pigott a local Conservative who may have been the victim of Miss Piggy’s antics.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Patricia or has any information about the 2000 and 2004 local elections please post details in the comments section of this post tonight between 9pm and 9am when Mr Monkey will be applying comment moderation so only he can read what you post.

All information posted will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be revealed under any circumstances, just start your post with the word confidential.


Mouths To Feed

The Tax Payers Alliance and The Northern Echo CLICK HERE recently revealed that South Tyneside Council spent more than £25,000 on refreshments between April 2007 and March 2008. But Mr Monkey reckons the real figure is much higher.

This type of eexpenditure is notoriously difficult to track because it can easily be hidden under lots of different budget headings that make no reference to hospitality and refreshments- the Department of Revenue and Customs calls it ‘creative accounctancy’ – Mr Monkey calls it fiddling the books.

This system allows senior councillors and officers to manipulate budgets to suit the needs of those who think being a councillor means you pay for fuck all.

Mr Monkey wonders what this year’s refreshment bill will be given the change of leadership and Miss Piggy’s, aka councillor Iain Malcolm’s love for the finer things in life .. providing someone else is paying for it.

Bloggers will remember these posts about the fat twats feeding at the trough CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, it seems that under the aptly named Miss Piggy regime, these scrounging bastards are set to cost the taxpayer a whole lot more.

That’s without the new in take of heavyweights such as Papa John Szymanski the editor of the Shields Gazette Malcolm Fanzine, Indy councillors Ahmed Khan, Geraldine White, Gordon Finch and all the other hangers on like former councillors Arthur Meeks, John Wood, Paul Waggott, wannabe councillors Joyce Welsh, Neil Maxwell, Alan Smith, Terry Fairley, arse lickers like Linda Hemmer and any other idiots Labour can find to work for them in return for a few sausage rolls.

With mouths like these to feed, it’s no wonder the leader of the council Iain Malcolm Miss Piggy gave his brother and wanabee Labour MP for Houghton and Washington East the cabinet portfolio that includes overseeing council budgets.


Mr Monkey Agrees With Miss Piggy

Mr Monkey came across this CLICK HERE piece of blatant political opportunism by Horsley Hill’s two remaining Labour councillors Iain Malcolm, aka Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask, aka Vodka Lil on the council’s website.

Seems the council and the two remaining Labour councillors reckon that ‘People Power’ is working on Horsley Hill Estate despite the fact that there’s an increasing number of boarded up properties (nobody wants to move to the estate), there are persistent problems with anti social behaviour, crime is still a problem and the BNP’s popularity is on the increase as the council moves more and more asylum seekers and refugees onto the estate – they have no choice when it comes to housing.

But according to the council’s latest press release piece of political propaganda (spin) ‘People Power’ is working.

Mr Monkey agrees with Miss Piggy (councillor Iain Malcolm) and the wankers in the town hall’s press office it is working that’s why former Labour councillor and notorious womaniser Arthur Meeks lost his seat to Independent councillor Gordon Finch at May’s local election.

There’s no better example of ‘people power’ than this and Mr Monkey predicts there’ll be another show of people power in May 2010 when Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm will be left isolated as the sole Labour representative in Horsley Hill.


Three Labour Stooges

Mr Monkey would like to congratulate the Fat Mackem Hobbit over at The Shire Curly’s Corner Shop for capturing this picture at Sunday’s Remembrance Ceremony in Westoe.

'Labour's three stooges'

The Hobbit’s picture encapsulates everything the local Labour party stands for and provides photographic evidence to support Mr Monkey’s view that the local Labour party really has sunk to an all time low.

Lets take a look at the three stooges.

Vodka Lil .. Miss Piggy’s councillor Iain Malcolm’s side kick in Horsley Hill. She is renowned for her love of vodka and outrageous behaviour when pissed. Miss Piggy would love to dump her in 2010 and bring back Arthur ‘dirty dick’ Meeks into the fold.

Joyce Welsh.. this benefit fraudster scrounger is apparently too sick to work yet she can deliver leaflets for the Labour party; Mr Monkey has the pictures. She’s desperate for a seat on the council and it is rumoured she’s shagged a few leading players to get one. Talk in the members lounge is that Joyce is Iain Malcolm’s choice to replace Olive Puncheon in 2010. Mr Monkey reckons brother Ed can’t afford any skeletons in the cupboard if he gets the Parliamentary nomination; too late Ed, Mr Monkey’s already on to you!

Papa John Szymanski.. he turns up everywhere like a bad penny. He’s being manipulated by Miss Piggy aka councillor Iain Malcolm and willingly sells his soul for a few sausage rolls and chicken drumsticks. Mr Monkey reckons Papa John has a few psychological scars and is suffering from a ‘no one loves me’ complex. Everyone can see he’s in need of love and his fear of being treated as an outsider has been picked up on by Miss Piggy who pretends to love him dearly.

Perhaps Papa John should goggle Black Widow – it might just stop him being devoured by Iain.

Mr Monkey seems to think that this is the first time Papa John has bothered turning up to a Remembrance Ceremony anywhere in the borough .. coincidence or has it something to do with him thinking he’s now part of the in crowd?

It seems there is some truth in the saying “every a picture is worth a thousand words”.


Vodka Lil and That Stick

Mr Monkey has always wondered why Vodka Lil, councillor Eileen Leask wanders round with a walking stick.

Naively Mr Monkey thought it might of been something to do with her health or mobility until he realised she’s moves like a whippet when she needs to get to the bar, especially if someone else is paying.

Then Mr Monkey thought it might be to fend off the amorous advances of her husband Peter – even her twat gets an odd twinge, but apparently he’s got no balls!

Mr Monkey was left with only one logical explanation, perhaps it had something to do with the benefits she claims and a walking stick would help support her lies case.

The mystery was finally solved on Friday night when Mr Monkey observed councillor Leask necking as much free booze as she could get her hands on at Waggott’s Freedom of the Borough bash.

 .. She needs the stick to to keep her propped up against the bar otherwise she’d fall flat on her arse when she’s pissed.

No wonder Iain Malcolm wants rid of her, come back Arthur Meeks .. at least you can take take your drink!


Comments Galore

A regular blogger wanted to tip Mr Monkey off about an incident involving disgraced Conservative Parliamentary candidate and local councillor Pudgy Face Potts. Mr Monkey activated the moderation option for 24 hours to allow the person to forward comments in private.

Mr Monkey can reveal that several other bloggers took advantage of the moderation to forward their comments about certain people and it makes interesting reading.

Beware councillors Malcolm, Malcolm, Potts, Boyack, Gibson, Kerr, Leask, Dix, Meeks, Khan, Hanson, Elsom, Waggott and Sewell, Mr Monkey will promises to reveal all.

Moderation has now been removed so any comments bloggers post are immediately visible.


Bums and Breasts!

Mr Monkey has learned that Council Leader, Iain Malcolm and his two favourite stooges, Rob Dix and Arthur ‘I’m not bitter’ Meeks are sunning themselves in the Balearic’s.

Apparently Rob Dix has taken his wife along so that she can fetch and carry for the boys whilst they perv on those fine toned, bronzed and bare chested lasses that are so plentiful at this time of year, although in Iain’s Malcolm’s case it’s probably beach bums and local Latino hunks!

Mr Monkey reckons Iain Malcolm’s hands might be a bit sore when he comes back, especially after all that DIY. Nothing new there then, he’s always been a tosser hasn’t he?


South Tyneside Set For Another Hotel

Seems South Tyneside Council’s obsession for hotels is set to continue.

Mr Monkey has learned that senior councillors and officers are holding secret discussions with potential developers who would like to build on Harton Staithes. 

This last remaining green space in South Shields Town Centre is about to disappear forever after councillors approved a strategic partnership with BT. The deal calls for BT to build a business centre on Harton Staithes after the council failed to evict all it’s tenants in Wouldhalve House and the retail units below.

Like Garlands, BT wanted a riverside location and as usual the council agreed to bend over and let big business shaft the people of the borough yet again. They even voluntered to apply the lube to make things as easy as possible!

Mr Monkey can confirm that 5 developers have been shortlisted from a list of 16 and that detailed discussions are now underway. The development brief not only includes a mega business centre for BT but it also now includes a hotel and several other commercial units.

Although the council and One North East are not in a position to confirm who their preferred developer is, allegedly, Mr Monkey predicts that it is likely to be the Esh Group who have suddenly appeared on the scene.

Mr Monkey wonders what Durham Estates and Tavistock Leisure think about the council’s latest hotel plans? This time last year they were flavour of the month when they were appointed preferred developers for the Gypsies Green Stadium hotel and conference centre.

Unfortunately they didn’t count on the level of opposition which ultimately led to one of Council Leader, Iain Malcolm’s ward colleagues losing his seat and Mr Monkey has learned that he is concerned that history may repeat itself.

Mr Monkey believes Iain Malcolm’s sudden lack of interest in Gypsies Green in favour of another hotel located on the riverside has more to do with self interest than the interests of the people of South Tyneside and if his former associates at Durham Estates fall by the wayside .. so be it!


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