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Monkey Clip

This week’s Monkey Clip is dedicated to all the closet racists hiding out there in the Shire blogsphere. 


Wannabee MPs – The Gang Of Three

South Tyneside has it’s fair share of wannabee MPs so Mr Monkey thought he’d take a closer look at the ‘Gang of Three’.

*Ed Malcolm – aka ‘Big Ed’. This Labour councillor and brother of council leader Iain Malcolm is currently trying to con his way into Fraser Kemp’s old seat in Houghton and Washington East.
Big Ed is known as a bit of a womaniser and has a fetish for women old enough to be his granny. He has a reputation for being the tightest man in South Tyneside; he doesn’t just squeak when he walks, he screams.

*Iain Malcolm - aka ‘Miss Piggy’. Iain is the Labour leader of South Tynside Council and is never far from political controversy. He was seen as David Clarke’s successor but Tony Blair was having none of it and parachuted David Miliband into the seat instead.
He was to seek the nomination in Houghton and Washington East (before his brother) but after being incriminated in the ‘Great Newcastle Airport Giveaway’ controversy where he allowed payments of more than £8 million pounds to be paid to 2 former directors to go unchallenged he thought better of it.

*Together, the Malcolm’s are known as the Chuckle Brothers.

David Potts – aka The King of Sleaze. Pudgy Face and Tory Boy. Calls himself leader of the Conservatives on South Tyneside Council, but there’s only 3 of them including him. He stood in the Scottish Parliamentary elections and failed to make any inroads. His efforts got him noticed and he was selected as the Conservative candidate to challenge the Chancellor, Alastair Darling for his Edinburgh seat.
Following revelations by Mr Monkey about his heavy drinking, abuse of position and womanising he was to be deselected by the party. He claimed to have resigned because of his father’s ill health (he lives with his mum) and wanted to devote more time to fighting the BNP. Apparently he also failed to consistentlycampaign in the constituency and was not well liked by party members who thought that he was self opinionated and arrogant.

Mr Monkey reckons it will be interesting to see which one of these makes it to Westminster first or is there someone else who might beat them to it .. Michael Clare for instance?


Mr Monkey Agrees With Miss Piggy

Mr Monkey came across this CLICK HERE piece of blatant political opportunism by Horsley Hill’s two remaining Labour councillors Iain Malcolm, aka Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask, aka Vodka Lil on the council’s website.

Seems the council and the two remaining Labour councillors reckon that ‘People Power’ is working on Horsley Hill Estate despite the fact that there’s an increasing number of boarded up properties (nobody wants to move to the estate), there are persistent problems with anti social behaviour, crime is still a problem and the BNP’s popularity is on the increase as the council moves more and more asylum seekers and refugees onto the estate – they have no choice when it comes to housing.

But according to the council’s latest press release piece of political propaganda (spin) ‘People Power’ is working.

Mr Monkey agrees with Miss Piggy (councillor Iain Malcolm) and the wankers in the town hall’s press office it is working that’s why former Labour councillor and notorious womaniser Arthur Meeks lost his seat to Independent councillor Gordon Finch at May’s local election.

There’s no better example of ‘people power’ than this and Mr Monkey predicts there’ll be another show of people power in May 2010 when Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm will be left isolated as the sole Labour representative in Horsley Hill.


UPDATE: Equality and Diversity Gone Mad

UPDATE: The dimwitted actions of an officer from South Tyneside Homes has made the lightsnational newspapers today, several nationals have picked up on the story reported in The Journal on Saturday.

The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Telegraph all feature the story of how a fuckwit from South Tyneside Homes told a woman on the Woodbine Estate to take down her Christmas lights as they may offend her non christian neighbours who are turn out to be Chinese and Bengali.

Mr Monkey reckons that the officer responsible has once again turned South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council into a laughing stock and he wonders whether the Municipal Journal has an award for the dimmest council of the year, if so, South Tyneside Council will win it hands down with shit like this.

If you want to know more about Political Correctness gone mad, click on any of these links.–case-offend-non-Christian-neighbours.html

Seems some twat in South Tyneside Homes has taken his equality and diversity training a bit too far, either that or he’s Jehovah’s Witness – apparently they don’t like Christmas too.

According to this article in today’s Journal CLICK HERE a fuck-wit from South Tyneside Homes told a woman on the Woodbine Estate to take down her Christmas lights as they may offend her non christian neighbours who are turn out to be Chinese and Bengali.

Mr Monkey reckons that this halfwit knows fuck all about other cultures, other than what he was told on a training course. How else can you explain this idoit’s over the top political correctness?

It’s shit like this that is food and drink to the BNP.

According to the Journal no one complained about the lady’s colourful festive display, including her neighbours. The only person that seems to have taken exception to the lights is a half-witted Englishman in a South Tyneside Homes uniform who appears to have been brainwashed into politically correct thinking.

Perhaps this poor bastard should get a life and leave people to get on with theirs.

Mr Monkey reckons this bah humbug should try spending his next holiday somewhere other than the Costa Del Sol. This would allow him to learn more about how diverse cultures across the world love nothing more than celebrating each others festivals – complete with lights, decorations and fireworks!


Is David Potts A Left Wing Sympathiser?

Tory Boy David Potts looks to have upset a few right wing extremists recently.


The King of Sleaze heads the North East list of Reds featured on Redwatch, a neo nazi website which publishes photographs and personal information of alleged left-wing and anti-fascist activists. 


It seems appearances can be deceiving, if you believe this CLICK HERE.  But then Mr Monkey reckons councillor Potts was never a real Tory.


Can someone remind Mr Monkey how Enoch Powell started out?


UPDATE: Find A Fascist – BNP Members Search

The postcode search facility which hundreds of you are using to Find A Fascist in your neighbourhood has moved. CLICK HERE for details of it’s new location.


Find A Facist – BNP Membership Search

It seems many of you are desperate to find the leaked BNP membership list?

Mr Monkey reckons you’re all either nosey bastards or you just want to know if you know anyone on the list.

The original list contains, names, addresses, telephone numbers, ages, occupation details and even what interests members have.

Mr Monkey has no time for the Nazi scum that make up the BNP and thinks that everything they stand for is abhorrent. But this is no reason to release the personal details of it’s members, especially as some of them are under 18 and may not even know they’ve joined a fascist organisation – parents may have done it without their knowledge.

Like other bloggers Mr Monkey faces a dilemma and has decided to adopt a Find a Fascist approach to the problem.

If you really want to know if you’ve a closet black shirt in your midst try doing a postcode search. It’s simple to do CLICK HERE enter your postcode, press search and hey presto the names of all local members appear – no other details are visable.

Try it for yourself; you never know where shit settles.


BNP Membership List

Oh dear it seems Nick Griffiths leader of the far right British National Party is in a spot of bother today after someone posted the organisation’s 2007 membership list online. The list contains around 12,000 names, together with home addresses, telephone numbers, jobs and even hobbies. 

The leak led some BNP members to fear that they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals and at least one serving police officer is on the membership list, along with several retired officers.


The list has been removed from the original site that posted it but being a nosey bastard Mr Monkey decided to browse the web to see if he could find it – it took exactly 10 minutes.


What Mr Monkey finds particularly interesting is the fact that many members who are on the list and who have found out about its publication, have gone absolutely ape-shit on right wing forums. This is what one of them had to say:


‘I’ve just had a call, I’m on it to. I want my fucking member money back, like has been mentioned here, I could lose my fucking job. I’m bloody angry.’


If your want to see the list for yourself google or 


Is Potts A Habitual Liar?

Mr Monkey wonders whether The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy David Potts is a habitual liar? CLICK HERE.

Bloggers will remember his pathetic attempts at trying to justify why he was sacked on the verge of being deselected as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.

His first reaction was he “knew nothing about it”. That quickly changed to “no comment” . He then claimed to have resigned, because of “health issues concerning his father, which challenged his ability to service the Constituency as much as he would have hoped” although this was the first time he’d spoken off it.

He later claimed to have “have strong commitments in Tyneside, which include those to the people of Cleadon and East Boldon”.

He failed to mention that this included trying to fuck anything he could get his hands on, getting pissed every night and attending every council bash he could as long as he didn’t have to pay for the food and beer.

If these pathetic excuses weren’t enough, he later claimed it was all the fault of the BNP. Apparently he was “deeply concerned about the rising popularity of the far-right British National Party within our region and it was incumbent upon all mainstream political leaders in Tyne and Wear to work together to combat this.” 

He’s so concerned about the BNPhe’s done virtually fuck all about tackling them. But then he’s not exactly lead the local Conservative party with distinction has he?

Cum on Mr Potts you don’t really expect anyone to believe you gave up that place you’ve always wanted on the Parliamentary gravy train do you? If you do you’re a liar.

Why not prove Mr Monkey wrong and get your solicitor to issue that statement you promised on September 11th. But make sure you use a real solicitor and not some arsehole you met in the pub .. that mean swearing it on oath.


Bengalis Join the BNP

Apparently local right wing extremists who inhabit the cesspit that is the British National Party were distraught when they heard that the BNP had been infiltrated by the Bangladeshi community.

Not renowned for their brain power, it took several meetings, phone calls and personal explanations by those that could read, before the local membership realised there was more than one BNP. Apparently the other one stands for the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Mr Monkey wonders how these wankers would cope if they ever found out that there was more than one SS.


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