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Monkey Mischief 6

"Come on Jimmy, hurry your arse up we're going to miss them!"

"Hurry up Jimmy before Tory Boy beats us to it"

Since Councillor Jimmy Sewell was kicked out by Mrs Sewell for cheating on her, he’s been spending a lot of time with his mate Shrek Councillor Ernest Gibson.

These ‘bachelors about town’ are often seen frequenting the town’s seedier venues where they hope to pick up a slapper or two for the cost of a pint. But even these loose women have standards and more often than not they have to settle for a wank blasting out a song on the karaoke.

Never mind lads there’s always Brenda the blow up doll, apparently she’s even got a spare hole for your mate Arthur Meeks!


Monkey Mischief

Today’s Monkey Mischief victim is Councillor Ernest Gibson who is renowned for his love of the finer takeaways, beer, karaoke, fellow Councillor Jimmy Sewell, Majorca and getting something for nothing!

The only thing that’s been missing in his life is a decent woman, but Mr Monkey can now reveal that even this has changed recently.

Apparently Councillor Gibson is spending more time at home since his mates on the council chipped in and treated him to an extra special takeaway. This might help explain  why he has been walking round with a smile on his face of late.

“If only my mate Potts could see me now” "If only my mate Potts could see me now"

Whilst Mr Monkey is very happy for Councillor Gibson, he would suggest that Ernest keeps a puncture repair kit handy. It would be a shame to find yourself deflated having taken so long to rise to the occasion! 


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