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Monkey Clip

It’s been a crap week for husband and wife team; councillors Mr and Mrs Maxwell McAtominey.

What with Steady ‘hic’ Eddie being forced to resign from two high profile posts, his income dropping by nearly £20,000 per year and the poor bastards have had to face the wrath of the public, the press and councillor Allen Branley.

It’s been especially bad for Nancy, she’s had to cope with the shame and humiliation of her husband’s drunken antics and she’s had to listen to the insults and innuendo .. poor bitch - it’s serves the self centered, arrogant, money grabbing twat right.

Mr Monkey reckons these pathetic indiviuals need cheering up so he’s decided to dedicate this week’s Monkey Clip to the McAtomineys .. CLICK HERE, turn up the volume and listen to the words carefully!


Malcolm Keeps Papa John in The Dark

Papa John Szymanski is pissed off this morning because he’s been scooped by Mr Monkey again. CLICK HERE.

Last night Mr Monkey exclusively revealed that councillor Eddie McAtominey had resigned from the cabinet yet Papa John new nothing it until he read it on Mr Monkey’s Blog. Seems his mate Miss Piggy’s aka councillor Iain Malcolm saw fit not to share this news with him.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering why Papa John insists on being councillor Malcolm’s lackey when he he seems to get so little for it other than an odd tap on the arse.


EXCLUSIVE: Update – McAtominey Quits

EXCLUSIVE:Reports reaching Mr Monkey tonight suggest that councillor Eddie McAtominey has quit his lucrative cabinet position on South Tyneside Council following his conviction for drink driving.

Apparently Steady ‘hic’ Eddie submitted his letter of resignation to last night’s Labour group meeting and citied his health problems as the reason for his resignation .. lying bastard.

Councillor McAtominey who is suspended from the Labour party and is awaiting trial on a charge of failing to provide a specimen will remain a councillor for the time being although there is some doubt over his position on the Police Authority which carries with it an annual payment of £10,000.

A formal announcement is likely to be made at Thursday’s full council meeting when a permanent successor will also be named.

UPDATE:Councillor Eddie McAtominey has also stood down from the Police Authority.

Miss Piggy aka councillor Iain Malcolm spent most of yesterday ringing round his chums to see who would be interested in filling Steadie ‘hic’ Eddie’s shoes. So if you didn’t get a call you’re not in Miss Piggy’s clique and you future is’nt very rosy – yes you’ve been spurned!


Some Things Never Change

Seems the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine has a track record of targeting councillors with poor attendance records CLICK HERE.

Mr Monkey would like to thank Irving Washington for reminding him of the scandal that led to Conservative councillor Phillip Parkinson’s resignation.

The other Conservative councillor embroiled in the attendance and expenses row was The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy Potts. Predictably councillor Potts refused to do the honourable thing and is still screwing the system for everything he can.

It seems somethings never change – Pudgy Face Potts still has a piss poor attendance record which only Indy councillor Allen Branley can top – but at least Mr Branley is not lining his own pockets under false pretences!


Has Irene Lucas Had Enough?

Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that South Tyneside Council’s Chief Executive Irene Lucas has had enough and is set to fly the coup.

Ms Lucas who is not short of a few quid is beginning to get the jitters at the prospect of Labour losing control of the Council and feels it’s time to get out before the public discover what’s really been going on in the town hall.

It’s common knowledge that she’s finding it difficult to work with new Council leader Miss Piggy aka councilor Iain Malcolm; they have a mutual dislike and distrust of each other

Mr Monkey can confirm that Ms Lucas is desperate to return to her roots and has been is sniffing round the corridors of Sunderland’s Civic Centre and has been actively speaking to senior councillors and officers to gauge thier response.

The post of Chief Executive was recently advertised and carries with it an annual salary of £170,000. If succesful she would be in line for a pay rise of around £40,000!

An inside source at Sunderland City Council has confirmed that Irene Lucas is the front runner to fill the post by March 2009.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether her shredder will be working overtime this Christmas and New Year so he will be keeping a close eye on town hall to see who’s coming and going.

Whatever you do Irene don’t destroy any incriminating evidence because Mr Monkey’s eyes are everywhere.


Is Potts A Habitual Liar?

Mr Monkey wonders whether The King of Sleaze, Tory Boy David Potts is a habitual liar? CLICK HERE.

Bloggers will remember his pathetic attempts at trying to justify why he was sacked on the verge of being deselected as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.

His first reaction was he “knew nothing about it”. That quickly changed to “no comment” . He then claimed to have resigned, because of “health issues concerning his father, which challenged his ability to service the Constituency as much as he would have hoped” although this was the first time he’d spoken off it.

He later claimed to have “have strong commitments in Tyneside, which include those to the people of Cleadon and East Boldon”.

He failed to mention that this included trying to fuck anything he could get his hands on, getting pissed every night and attending every council bash he could as long as he didn’t have to pay for the food and beer.

If these pathetic excuses weren’t enough, he later claimed it was all the fault of the BNP. Apparently he was “deeply concerned about the rising popularity of the far-right British National Party within our region and it was incumbent upon all mainstream political leaders in Tyne and Wear to work together to combat this.” 

He’s so concerned about the BNPhe’s done virtually fuck all about tackling them. But then he’s not exactly lead the local Conservative party with distinction has he?

Cum on Mr Potts you don’t really expect anyone to believe you gave up that place you’ve always wanted on the Parliamentary gravy train do you? If you do you’re a liar.

Why not prove Mr Monkey wrong and get your solicitor to issue that statement you promised on September 11th. But make sure you use a real solicitor and not some arsehole you met in the pub .. that mean swearing it on oath.


Pressure Grows On Malcolm

Council leader Iain Malcolm’s role in the murky financial dealings at Newcastle Airport is coming under increased scrutiny.

Peter Atkinson, the Conservative MP for Hexham is now calling on the Government and the Audit Commission to probe the out of court settlement, CLICK HERE. Mr Atkinson is the second MP to demand answers.

So far David Miliband, MP for South Shields and Stephen Hepburn, MP for Jarrow have remained tight lipped about the controversial deal which resulted in two former employees recieveing a massive £8.5 million pay day. The deal which was approved by Iain Malcolm and South Tyneside Council has since been renegotiated in an out of court settlement, but both South Tyneside Council and Iain Malcolm have steadfastly refused to comment using commercial sensitivity and confidentiality as the basis for the silence.

The calls for an independent investigation continue to grow and Mr Monkey predicts that one of the first tasks for the new Conservative Government will be to order an enquiry in to this murky affair, especially if a certain David Miliband becomes the Labour leader.

Could this be the beginning of the end for councillor Iain Malcolm? Lets hope so, the borough would be a much better place without him!


Morning Pussy Prowler!

Mr Monkey has an early morning rendezvous in Houghton this morning, something to do with councillor Ed Malcolm. 


Like thousands of other people he forgot to turn his alarm clock back at the weekend so he’s got an hour spare and thought he’d put it to good use.


Seems The King of Sleaze, councillor David Potts failed to get shag last night so he’s had to make do with a few extra gins and a hand job so it will be a while before he surfaces from his drunken pit.


Mr Monkey thought he would be the bearer of good news this morning especially as he had a major role to play in his Tory Boy’s downfall by getting him dumped as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West.


It seems his former Scottish colleagues have learned by their mistakes and have chosen his replacement wisely. Whilst they’ve opted for someone in the Potts mould (without the beef), they’ve been careful to make sure that his replacement comes without the baggage and sleaze associated with Pudgy Face.


They also wanted to keep things local after councillor Potts’s failure to do any campaigning in the constituency.


Mr Monkey reckons sleaze ball Potts knows his replacement well. He’s about the same age as Pudgy, is a local councillor, he’s employed in the legal profession (yes you pussy prowler, that’s work) and is an active member of the local Conservative party, something Potts knows nothing about.


His name is Jason Rust and you can read more about him here, here and here 


Seems Alistair Darling’s new opponent might give him a run for his money, something Potts was never likely to do!




Waggott Spurned by Malcolm

Speculation is rife as to why councillor Linda Waggott resigned from the board of South Tyneside Homes.

The most interesting one is that councillor Waggott had been trying to rekindle her affair with fellow councillor and board member, Ed Malcolm.

It seems ‘Big Ed’ is having none of it now that he’s declared his intention to seek Labour’s Parliamentary nomination for Houghton and Washington East.

Apparently councillor Malcolm reckons his chances of succeeding Fraser Kemp are good especially if he can con the selection panel with the “I used to be a miner line”. Unfortunately his inability to keep his dick in his pants over the year’s and his eagerness to fuck his married colleagues is likely to come back and bite him in the arse - Mr Monkey has very sharp teeth, just ask Tory Boy Potts?

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether Linda’s resignation has anything to do with Ed Malcolm’s rejecting her advances or is there something more sinister afoot?


Waggott Quits

Mr Monkey has learned that councillor Linda Waggott, the political prostitute who is happy to represent any ward as long as she gets paid for it, has quit the board of South Tyneside Homes.

Senior officers and the inner core of Labour councillors were told yesterday that she had tendered her resigination with immediate effect, although no reasons were given.

Mr Monkey can only speculate as to the reason behind her sudden resignation, although on past form it’s likely to be a dispute over money or perhaps she’s been offered something more lucrative elsewhere.

Bloggers will remember that following the demise of her husband Paul, who was unceremoniously dumped by the people of Fellgate and Hedworth in May’s elections, Linda was angry that she had not been given a position of responsibility in Iain Malcolm’s regime was to get no extra money especially as the Waggott household’s income had suddenly fallen by around £45,000 a year with Paul losing his seat.

In an attempt to stop the old divisions between the A and B teams from resurfacing Iain Malcolm decided give the bitch a bone – no not shag her, he only does the same sex, by appointing her to the board of South Tyneside Homes, although Mr Shifty, councillor Tom Hanson was far from happy that he’d been asked to step down albeit with promises of greater things to come.

It now seems that poor old Linda was conned. Apparently you only get expenses for being on the South Tyneside Homes board and the days earning a few extra quid by handing out council houses in exchange for little brown envelopes have gone.

How she wishes she was still chair of housing, at least her bank manager does!


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