Miliband in Hot Water

Looks as though South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Milliband may have scored an own goal worthy of any Champions League Final!

Over the last few days the world has been told that he’s firmly behind the beleaguered PM Gordon Brown and that he should be allowed to get on with the job in hand.

The now infamous Guardian article penned by David Miliband click here  set a cat amongst the pigeons with critics claiming that he was positioning himself for an autumn leadership challenge.

Despite writing the Guardian article David Miliband (which he claims was the right thing to do) click here, the Shields MP insists he was not campaigning and said he was prompted to write the controversial article because of the sense of “fatalism” in the party after its defeat in the Glasgow East by-election, click here.

Despite discontent amongst the rank and file and amongst many back benchers, David Miliband’s gaf article is seen by some as back stabbing and has led to calls for the PM to sack David Miliband for his disloyalty, click here.

We now learn that Gordon Brown has called off the dogs Miliband critics, click here.

A spokesman for Gordon Brown signalled the truce, saying: “As we said yesterday, we agree with David that the whole party should pull together, take the fight to the Tories and focus on dealing with the real issues affecting people’s lives.”

In yet another twist an article in last night’s Shields Gazette, click here, claims that a senior Labour Party source told them that Mr Miliband, 43, wasn’t intending to spark a leadership challenge, but instead stand up to Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party.

The soucrce said, “When he heard Harriet Harman had allegedly said ‘My time has come’, he couldn’t let it just slip by. He wanted to make sure his hat was well and truly in the ring, and show that he was a real contender should Gordon Brown go”.

“But he’s certainly not going to be the one to force Brown out. David just isn’t like that.”

Mr Monkey has a different take on this whole affair. He reckons it is more about David jockeying for position and that it is blatantly obvious Mr Miliband was ‘testing the water’.

One problem David, the water might prove a bit warmer than you expected!


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