Dellboy Meeks

Is Arthur 'Dellboy' Meeks on the fiddle?

Is Arthur 'Dellboy' Meeks on the fiddle?

Council Leader Iain Malcolm’s former colleague Arthur ‘Dellboy’ Meeks has taken up a new career at the rip old age of 60 something.

Apparently he’s always fancied himself as a bit of a wheeler dealer and in a desperate attempt to earn a few bob to feed his womanising, drinking and gambling habits he has now taken to selling shit his wares on the market.

Mr Monkey reckons he is following in his ex wife’s footsteps, she’s always had a reputation for selling all sorts of goods around town!

Mr Monkey wonders whether Councillor Joan Meeks, who is well known around the town’s jumble sale and second hand shop scene is now supplying former husband Arthur with goods for his new stall.

Mr Monkey is going to have a quite word with the Employment Service next week just to make sure they know all about Arthur ‘Dellboy’ Meeks new venture, he wouldn’t want him to get caught on the fiddle, it might ruin his comeback in 2010, after all Mr Monkey would rather see Arthur in the Council Chamber than a squeaky voiced pissed up Vodka Lil!


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