Hot Date with Potts ‘Lover’

Mr Monkey has got a very hot date tonight and you are probably all wondering who the lucky bastard is!

Well before your perverted minds start wandering it’s not the type of shag date Tory Boy Potts would go on. Instead Mr Monkey will be meeting a couple of regulars in the Red Lion who want to spill the beans on Conservative Councillor, and man about town David Potts.

One of Mr Monkey’s sources who wishes to remain anonymous said,

“I have known David and his family for about 15 years and in that time I have seen this lovable boy into a very ugly and manipulative adult who I am sorry to say will stop at nothing to get on the political gravy train. Someone has to stop him before it’s too late, I’m only sorry that it’s going to have to be me.”

Mr Monkey can’t wait to hear what these two individuals have got to say and of course tell fellow bloggers what an arsehole David Potts really is.


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