Cleadon Twitcher

"Which way for the shag?"

"Which way for the shag?"

Tough talking Tory Boy, David Potts seems to have slithered back under the rock he crawled out from been remarkably quiet of late.

What’s up has pussy cat got your tongue?

It seems Tory Boy’s plan to intimidate Mr Monkey via Curly’s Corner Shop I’m still wiping my arse) has left them both with shit egg on their faces.

Mr Monkey reckons that Pudgy face’s sudden reluctance to talk has got something to do with the fact that his tongue is probably stuck down someone else throat in the Red Lion arse is twitching at the thought of Mr Monkey revealing more juicy tit-bits, backed up with firm evidence of course.

Seems Councillor Potts’s antics have brought a whole new meaning to the term bird watching!


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