Monkey Puzzle Solved

Mr Monkey feels a bit better now so he thought he’d better put readers out of their misery too!

Judging by the number of hits this Monkey Puzzle has generated local bloogers are keen to know who this mystery woman is. 

To refresh your memory the puzzle was:

Which one of your number used to be known as a bit of a ‘dancing queen’ and was often seen frequenting the town’s infamous dance halls?

and to help you I even gave you a picture clue!

'Twinkle toes'

Given the buxom stature of this beauty above it can only be Councillor Joan Meeks.

In her younger days Joan was known as ‘The Madame of The Shoreline’ as she was often seen in the company of women of dubious character in her favourite haunt, The Shoreline Club. It had a well earned reputation for being a pick up joint, especially if you had a couple of quid to spare!

Joan was later attracted to a different kind of ball and became a croupier in Newcastle .. but Mr Monkey will save that for another day!


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