Who’s Taking The Piss?

Mr Monkey has learned that last week’s coronation of Iain Malcolm ‘Celebration of Paul Waggott’s Life on the Council’ which was a lavish affair complete with a 5 course meal, free flowing wine, champagne and back slapping all round was really a piss take!

Apparently Paul Waggott was presented with a couple of original pieces of artwork by local artist Bob Olley, one of which was commissioned exclusively for Paul Waggott.

For those not familiar with the Geordie art scene, Bob’s work includes drawings of Westoe Netty and caricatures of local people, celebrities and visitors to the region.

Mr Monkeyreckons this gesture was particularly apt as Paul Waggott is well and truly in the shithouse having lost his seat on the council and the thousands of pounds that went with it. But Mr Monkey wonders whose really taking the piss out of who?

Is Iain Malcolm pissing on Paul Waggott, Irene Lucas pissing on Iain Malcolm or Paul Waggott on Iain Malcolm?

One thing is certain, they’re all taking the piss out of the public who are having to pick up the tab for their kinky games!


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