Employ This ‘Birdman’ Now

A couple from Belford, Northumberland, have been backed by RSPCA after they were told to stop leaving titbits on a bird table by Berwick-upon-Tweed Council.

The council wrote to the couple after a neighbour complained that their nature-loving ways were attracting birds and caused a mess to their pretty rural village.

An unnamed council official wrote: “Birds cause some considerable problem in forms of noise and dirt. Not only do their droppings damage and contaminate property, the birds also carry various diseases such as salmonella.”

The warning letter said nesting birds can block chimneys and gutters and added, “Food put out for the birds will also attract rats and vermin. If we establish that a nuisance or pest problem does exist, we may have to reconsider further action.”

The RSPCA reckons it’s important to continue to feed garden birds even during the summer, and the couple said the council’s warning would not change thier behaviour.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Irene Lucas fancies ‘head hunting’ this council official as he/she sounds just the type of person we need to sort out our own bird problem!


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