Waggott Set To Make A Dramatic Return

A source very close to former Leader of the Council, Paul Waggott, has confirmed that he intends to make a swift return to the council.

Apparently Paul had high hopes of ‘slotting’ into Eddie MacAtominey’s Hebburn South seat which many feel will become vacant if Eddie is convicted of failing to provide a sample to the police after he was caught pissed out of his skull.

Seems that Mr Waggott had’nt bargained for Eddie’s balls being quite as big nor did he think Eddie would do virtually anything to hold on to his seat including claiming he is ill which Mr Monkey reckons will be the basis of his defence!

As things haven’t gone the way Mr Waggott would have wanted in Hebburn, he has now set his sights on former colleague Emma Lewell’s seat in Primrose.

Emma is seen as the weakest link in the Jarrow constituency and Waggott and his supporters feel they can get rid of her very easily, especially as she has an abysmal attendance record.

Mr Monkey has learned that Waggott and his supporters have effectively done the deal and are now waiting for Councillor Jim Perry to rubber stamp it before they make their move.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Emma will make it to the next elections in 2010 or will she be ousted to make room for Waggott before Iain Malcolm gets too firm a grip on the reins of power!


1 Response to “Waggott Set To Make A Dramatic Return”

  1. 1 justin
    11/11/2008 at 16:07

    Councillors make you sick don’t they?

    Jumped up snobs who do it for what they can get.
    They make me sick!

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