Potts Prefers A Bird in The Bush

"hurry up David, there's something sharp in here"

"hurry up David, there's something sharp in here"

A source close to Tory Boy, David Potts has confirmed that he’s been playing away again!

This time the lucky victim person was a married woman who just happened to be in the right wrong place at the right time. Apparently not content with sticking his tongue down his her throat the pair nipped outside for a quick shag in the bushes before being disturbed by a ladybird one of the woman’s friends!

Mr Monkey reckons that Conservative Councillor, David Potts is doing his best to emulate that 1990’s Tory sleaze balls and has taken Plus valet in manibus avis unica quam dupla silvis a bit too far this time!  

Come on Potts you claim to have been Cambridge educated so you must know what this means!


2 Responses to “Potts Prefers A Bird in The Bush”

  1. 1 DareToBeADaniel
    12/08/2008 at 15:16

    What a site Mr Monkey – your comments herald a new era in northern politics!

    I wonder what Freud would say about Pott’s apparent fascination with married women? More importantly perhaps, what would Cameron say? The Conservative Party has always prided itself on being able to get rutting stags elected to Parliament, but perhaps our David has gone to far even for his promiscuous predecessors. Rumour has it that not only have links been sent to Tory HQ highlighting your site, but they have also been forwarded to numerous Scottish newspapers in preparation for the next election. Look what they did to Tommy Sheridan – can you imagine the field day they will have Cleadon’s own Rasputin?

    Potts has been very silent on these issues – guilt, embarrassment or is he in hiding from some very irate husbands? Who cares, because mud sticks, and whilst Billy Bunter may have a large and podgy body, frankly he’s covered in the stuff!

    Keep up the good work Mr Monkey – for to long South Tyneside’s finest have rampaged unchallenged through the halls of power. Like lions after slumber, the public are slowly being awakened to the notion that certain local politicians are more concerned with what is in their trousers and wallets than the well being of the Boroughs residents.

  2. 2 Gareth
    16/08/2008 at 15:48

    Potts Cambridge educated? I went to college with the alcoholic prat and can’t even remember him getting any A-levels. I’ at a loss to as to how he was accepted there, he must be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose (there was considerable speculation at the time that he was fond of that sort of thing)

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