Monkey Mischief 5

'Aunt Olive' dressed for a night on the pull

'Aunty Olive dressed for a night on the pull'

For years there has been an unwritten rule within Labour ranks not to talk openly about the sleazy extra marital activities of Councillor Olive Puncheon and her toy boy Councillor Ed Malcolm.

Olive Puncheon, who many believe is trying to emulate Aunt Sally with her choice of hair style and make up, has been shagging Councillor Ed Malcolm behind her husband’s back but in full view of her Labour colleagues including Ed’s brother and Leader of the Council, Iain Malcolm for over 20 years.

Mr Monkey reckons that Cabinet member Councillor Ed Malcolm should resign immediately so he can spend more time in the borough’s bingo halls, it’s probably the best place to pick up a granny!

As for Olive, she deserves credit for shagging pulling someone young enough to be her grandson or should she be locked up for corrupting an unsuspecting ‘innocent’ little virgin who was desperate to break his duck?

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