Vodka Lil To Get The Boot

Mr Monkey overheard a very interesting conversation last week between Iain Malcolm and one of his associates called Arthur.

Amongst the many topics discussed was the 2010 local elections and it seems Iain is very worried about the outcome. Apparently he reckons that he needs decent candidates otherwise Labour could lose up to 6 seats and with it control of the council.

Mr Monkey wonders whether his earlier predictions of a mass cull may prove right and that Iain Malcolm is intent on ridding himself of any deadwood.

Mr Monkey has learnt that Iain Malcolm will use a number of underhand tactics to get his own way including de-selection, recruiting new members and then busing them in to ‘vote’ to out those he wants to see the back of. He is also going to use all women shortlists to get his way, something he has already done in the past.

Of course he’ll let someone else do the dirty work for him whilst he does a Pontious Pilate and washes his hands of the whole affair.

Mr Monkey can now confirm that the first victim of the cull will be Vodka Lil, better known as fellow Horsley Hill Labour Councillor, Eileen Leask who Emperor Malcolm believes will lose her seat to the Independents if she were allowed to stand.


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