Who’s Really Paying For The Independent Alliance?

The fascination with whether or not the Indy Alliance is some kind of secret society continues over on Curly’s Corner Shop. CLICK HERE for details.

Curly looks as though he’s spent a considerable amount of time researching the matter and provides a list of other Indy Alliances up and down the country that have registered with the Electoral Commission as political parties.

Curly seems particularly keen to learn more about the financial affairs of the local Indy Alliance and seems to be frustrated that he cannot find out if ‘there’s a rabbit away’ especially when it comes to money.

Put another way, what Curly and the rest of us wants to know is, are the Branleys or their associates bank rolling the Indy Alliance?

I’m not sure if Curly has tried asking the leadership of the Indy Alliance how the group is funded or why they have’nt registered as a political party? Until they do provide the answers bloggers will have to make up their own minds and rely on speculation, rumour and innuendo. 

Mr Monkey shares some of Curly’s concerns and reckons it’s time for the Indy Alliance to set the record straight. So how about it Curly, why don’t you ask the Indy Alliance to explain their position and lets see once and for all what they’re really up to.

Although Mr Monkey would love to do it for him, he’s not quite ready to reveal his identity to the world!


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