No Wonder We Never See Milliband!


'Lord Miliband' faces questions about his private airline excessive use of the Queen's Flight.

South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, nicknamed ‘Mr Invisble’ by many local Labour party activists, today faces questions about abusing his position as he jets off around the world.

Apparently Mr Miliband has used the Queen’s Flight, military aircraft usually reserved for the Royal Family’s use, at least 16 times in the past year.

Cabinet Office rules say Ministers should use the planes only when no scheduled service is available, especially as it costs at least £2,000 an hour for these private RAF jets.

It would seem that newly crowned ‘Lord Miliband’ and his advisers have managed to achieve what even Easyjet have failed to do – find obscure destinations not served by scheduled flights.

Mr Monkey reckons the whole thing is part of his Miliband’s leadership challenge, he’s going to need some pretty hefty financial gifts political donations to fund his campaign. Rumour has it that Easyjet owner, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has a few quid to spare!


2 Responses to “No Wonder We Never See Milliband!”

  1. 07/09/2008 at 16:55

    As soon as our MP’s step through the doors of parliament, they become seduced by the power they have, whilst immediately forgetting the responsibility. Shame on then, pity on the rest of us.

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