Is David Miliband Smug and Arrogant?

The leader of Britain’s biggest union has launched a venomous personal attack on South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

On the eve of the Trades Union Congress, Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, the union with the biggest group of Labour MPs at Westminster, accused Miliband, in a stream of swearwords, of being ‘smug’ and ‘arrogant’.

In terms that caused fury on the right of the party, he also said Miliband would take the country back to the ‘failings of Blairism’ and could be a worse choice as Prime Minister than the Tory leader David Cameron. ‘We might as well elect Cameron. We might be better off with Cameron,’ he said. ‘

‘Why should we elect a young fresh face when we have already got one in Cameron with policies that are not dissimilar?’

Simpson’s officials, who sat in on the interview, immediately ordered that swearwords used to describe Miliband be taken ‘off the record’. However, they confirmed that the robust anti-Miliband assault had been deliberate and should stand. Simpson said Gordon Brown should tell those who back Miliband’s leadership ambitions, including Charles Clarke, who argued last week that Brown should consider stepping down ‘with honour’, to ‘sod off’.


3 Responses to “Is David Miliband Smug and Arrogant?”

  1. 07/09/2008 at 11:45

    This crowd of 1970s union dinosaurs, with their abusive language in PUBLIC, need to be incised from politic influence altogether.

    I don’t see Miliband as necessarily THE answer to Brown – only Blair is that – but at least Miliband has been elected.

    Their reference to Cameron being similar to Miliband in policies etc – is evidence that the REAL object of their hatred – Blair – had all but routed the unions from political power, before he himself was sadly routed by Brown and Co.

    Go on then, Unite – vote Cameron! Then you’ll be crying in your beer for the return of Blair in four years time when your power disappears forever – right down he plughole where it belongs, imho!

    What an effing crowd!


  2. 07/09/2008 at 16:41

    Blair is not the answer, he just got out in time. Yes he is charming and in his own way sincere, but he was also the architect, with Brown, or the position we are in at the moment. Not the worl crisis, but our chickens coming home to roost, with high borrowings, a massive £790bn government pensions deficit and £170bn of PFI contracts to be paid up to 2032. I do not think Cameron or Milliband are the answer, but I do believe that Blair was part of the problem then and remains so today…what he might call “my legacy”.

  3. 3 Biffa Bacon
    07/09/2008 at 20:03

    The question was ‘ Is David Milliband smug and arrogant?’ not who would make the best PM. The answer ? Yes!

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