Tory Boy Potts Gets The Boot

The King of Sleaze - did he fall or was he thumped by an irrate husband?

The King of Sleaze - did he fall or was he thumped by an irrate husband?

Less than a year after Tory Boy Potts opposed a motion of no confidence in the then Labour Leader of South Tyneside Council, Paul Waggott, the King of Sleaze has found himself at the centre of another motion of no confidence. 

This time his fellow Tories have turned the tables on Pudgy Face by unanimously approving a motion of no confidence in closet socialist, David Potts.
Tory Boy was due to take on Chancellor Alistair Darling at the next general election is now on the verge of being deselected by the local party. Conservative activists in Edinburgh South-West have written to Scottish Conservative headquarters asking for him to be removed as their candidate.

Mr Darling had a majority of 7242 at the last election, but with Labour’s opinion poll rating collapsing, local Tories believe their chances of taking the seat have improved and complained Mr Potts was not spending enough time in the constituency to mount an effective campaign.

Inez Paisley, chairwoman of the Edinburgh South-West Conservative Association, declined to comment on the deselection move. But one association member said Mr Potts had not been up to Edinburgh as often as he should have been and there had been “virtually no campaigning at all”.

The member said: 

“He never attends any functions or meetings of the executive. The executive of the association unanimously decided to send a letter to Central Office, asking for him to be removed as candidate as they had no confidence in him any more. They are just waiting to hear back if they can go ahead with it. He seems to be in denial that this is happening. He doesn’t seem to accept it, but he will go.”

Potts claims to have been a Tory activist since he was 14, was elected as a councillor in 2004. He is currently the self appointed leader of Tory group which is made up of just 3 councillors including Potts.

He was selected to fight Edinburgh South-West last year, but his name has now been removed from the association’s website.

Mr Potts claimed he was “entirely unaware” of any move to deselect him. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, I have a very healthy relationship with them” – bullshit! 

But then most people in South Tyneside know what an unreliable, self opinionated, arrogant lying hypocrite he is and Mr Monkey is delighted that the Scottish Tories have found out just in time.
Mr Monkey reckons that his unflinching support for the Labour party in return for financial gain, his womanising ways, alcohol problem (he loves knocking back triple gins for breakfast, usually in the Red Lion) and his fabricated background, all of which have been exposed on Mr Monkey’s Blog, have put an end to any political ambitions he had.
All that remains, is for Tory Councillors Wood and Milburn to deselect their ‘leader’ and for the people of Cleadon and East Boldon to oust this scum bag before he brings shame on this quiet corner of South Tyneside.

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