Would You Like To Shit on Maggie?

All that bullshit about whether or not Thacher should be ‘honoured’ by a state funeral when she eventually pops her clogs has got Mr Monkey thinking about where her final resting place might be .. other than hell of course!

Mr Monkey reckons that the old cow could do worse than being buried at the bottom of a coal shaft although rumour has it that she’s now thinking about being cremated. Consett has been mentioned, although their aren’t any furnaces anymore (she saw to that) they reckon the locals have already made plans for the mother of all bonfires. There’s even talk of thousands of street parties up and down the country to celebrate her death.

If all else fails I suppose she could be buried under a toilet, at least that way we can all get to shit on her .. think of it as returning the favour after all she spawned NuLabour and gave us Tory Boy Potts!


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