It’s A Potty World – Part One!

Mr Monkey can reveal that Pudgy Face Potts, the Tory liar and King of Sleaze has been drowning his sorrows in buckets of gin and has kept a low profile by refusing to answer his phone. According to tonight’s Gazette he will only be making comments via his solicitor.

Mr Monkey reckons Potts is full of shit and that the only solicitor he knows are the pissed up types that are as much use as wannabe MP without a seat to call his own!

A source close to a Potts has now confirmed that Potts is on the verge of losing it and reckons he has told so many lies over the past few months that he can no longer distinguish fact from fiction.

Mr Monkey has lead the campaign to expose the real Potts and thought that he would share some of the older posts that have helped put an end to this prick’s political ambitions!

Click on the links below for an insight in to what Potts has really been getting up to.









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