King of Sleaze – Tory Boy Potts Resigns!

Habitual liar, Councillor David Potts, appears to have lost the plot following his deselection as the Conservative candidate to take on Chancellor Alastair Darling in his Edinburgh South West seat. CLICK HERE for details.

A member of Potts former local Conservative Association confirmed that the executive had passed a vote of no confidence in him and that they had asked Central Office for permission to remove him as they had no confidence in him any more.

The Association member also confirmed that Potts “seemed to be in denial that this is happening. He doesn’t seem to accept it, but he will go.”

It now appears that after a day of heavy drinking a pissed Potts appears to have dreamt up a bizarre story to explain his sudden fall from grace. Apparently everything is rosy in Scotland he but out of the blue he’s suddenly resigned, CLICK HERE for details. He’s even had the balls to blame his father’s ill health which until now no one knew anything about.

How convenient, or was it merely a coincidence that Pudgy Face Potts resigned late last night after two Scottish papers carried stories about his deselection and after he’d knocked back around a dozen triple gins!

Cum on Potts, do you really expect people to believe your bullshit?

Mr Monkey reckons that this latest ruse will fool no one and believes Potts was sacked ousted after being exposed by Mr Monkey’s Blog as a womanising, lying, alcoholic with very few scruples, who had a piss poor political pedigree and for regularly demonstrating his poor politcial judgement, especially when it came to his unflinching support of the local Labour party.

In case you’ve forgotten Tory Boy Potts, the people of Cleadon and East Boldon elected you to oppose Labour not jump in to bed with them. It seems that the canny Scots have realised what a politicalwhore you really are and to their credit they’ve done something about it before you embarrass them any further!

Mr Monkey hopes that the South Tyneside Conservative Association follows suit and rids itself of the slime ball that is Potts. At least then he’ll have a real reason to eat Malcolm’s shit join the Labour benches!


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