Potts Unravelled

Mr Monkey received a very interesting comment sometime ago and was keeping it for a day like today. A day when journos form around the country will be sniffing around South Tyneside looking to dish the dirt on former wannabee MP, Tory Boy David Potts. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, so here’s some more ammunition folks!


Sorry about the anon but I have had bad experiences in the past with writers keeping their sources secret. I might be able to help you with your crusade against the lying shit that is David Potts. I never used to mind the lad as he is polite and friendly but I’ve recently become horrified at his total lack of morals and the fact he lies as much as he drinks, god help us if he ever gets in a position of power. Anyway, I was directed here by a friend and thought I’d make a few comments.

Remember his record breaking travel expense claim for travelling to and from Cambridge University where he claimed to be studying law, well the truth is:

His record breaking claim of £2251.90 for the period April 2005 to March 2006, was largely due to the fact that he screwed the system and was claiming first class rail travel to and from Cambridge because he was  WORKING IN LADBROOKES.

David never attended the University but claimed his first class travel to work in a bookies in King Street next to Christ’s College. God knows how he has managed to keep this quiet so long. I think his original claim was that he studied Optometry at King’s College and this was later changed to Law when he was informed that the university doesn’t offer that tripos (ask him what that last word means, any student of the university will be able to define it and spout all sorts of urban myths regarding it). I wonder if copies of the Gazette from the time of Pott’s original election to Councilor which have this claim are available on public record? This should be enough for you to at least get others to question this long claim of his. As you don’t seem to mind posting very libellous and quite possibly truthful comments about Mr Potts I may as well give you some more ammunition to make sure he never gets his corrupt authoritarian mitts on any more power.

1) A drink driving charge when he was aged 18/19. I believe this was before he even had a licence so probably add in driving while uninsured and without a licence to that. This could be unsubstantiated and comes from stories doing the rounds in West Boldon pubs about 6 years ago.

2) A charge of fraud for selling internet space that did not belong to him. This is more here-say that the above story but still interesting.

3) Being caught in a compromising position with a Red Lion regular’s wife, He was originally spotted with his tongue down her throat in the pub before she was promptly dragged off by a mutual friend of their’s. This happened in the last few months.

4) He has a VERY big friend/hired bully who he uses to get his dirty work done and intimidate anyone who says bad things about him. This man-monster drinks with him in the Red Lion and has recently caused some locals to leave by threatening their teeth if they dare speak ill of his paymaster again.

A good way to get some dirt is to watch him at his office (The Red Lion) every day at around 11.30am – 4pm and again at 6pm – 10.30pm or even have a word with the staff there, they REALLY love him. If you want to contact me, leave a post on your blog saying as much and I’ll sort out a go-between e-mail address.

Be aware he is extremely angry at this blog which pretty much means you are onto something


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