Tories Turn on Potts

ConservativeHome, a blog that provides comprehensive coverage of Britain’s Conservative Party is today appealing for candidates to replace the King of Sleaze, David Potts.

They reckon that now Tory Boy Potts has gone, a new candidate who is prepared to camapign and who has Conservative values, without the sleaze, is likley to unseat Labour’s Alistair Darling at the next election, something most people believe Potts could not achieve. CLICK HERE for more.

The post has already attracted 19 comments and it’s clear by the tone of most of them that his colleagues are glad to be rid of him.

This is what a what one fellow Tory, who knew him during his brief stay in Cambridge, had to say:

I met David Potts during my days in Cambridge Conservatives. He appointed himself as chairman of CF. Let’s just say that I was VERY surprised to hear he had been selected against Darling (of all people!), so this is music to my ears. To answer the question, the first person that came to mind was Dr. Madsen Perie of the ASI. 

Mr Monkey reckons that with friends like this it will only be a matter of time before the some one at a national newspaprer picks up on the King of Sleaze’s antics and we learn more about his sexual escapades in one of the tabloids!


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