Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder Potts

How safe is Tory Boy’s position as the leader of Conservative group on South Tyneside Council?

An odd question, you may feel, since Potts was until recently seen as a shinning star with a bright political future and who many tipped as a possible Conservative Cabinet member. Why else would he have been selected in the Conservative target seat of Edinburgh South West where the current Chancellor, Alistair Darling’s 7000 plus majority is under serious threat?

Yet recent events including his failure to keep his dick in his pants, now leaves Potts’s position as group leader under serious threat and depends on his re-election as leader. Although he is not universally admired he has until now always been re-elected unopposed.

Mr Monkey can confirm that he overheard one local Tory figure and it seems he is heavily involved in an attempted coup to depose him. 

It appears that his colleagues regard Potts as a loose cannon and doubt that he is the right person to lead them, especially at a time when the Tories are riding high in the opinion polls. 

Mr Monkey can also confirm that discreet lobbying by party members is continuing in the hope that they can persuade Councillor Woods and Milburn to oust Potts. The general feeling is that they need someone who looks the part and who can deliver a speech without veering off track and that makes sense. They also want someone who cares more about Conservative values than his own position and less about his media image.

Crucially, as far as the plotters are concerned, the aim is to find a rather more right wing leader who does not espouse Potts’s NuLabour brand of conservatism, in other words they want a leader who is willing to kick Labour’s kick arse rather than lick it!


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