Sovereign Strategy and the Censor

The Labour Leader of the South Tyneside Council and the self appointed censor of free speech, Councillor Iain Malcolm, seems to have changed his mind again when it comes to what council employees and elected members are allowed to read without his approval.

A source close to the leadership has revealed that Iain Malcolm is becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that he has no control over local blogs particularly Mr Monkey’s Blog.

Although he has little time for bloggers, he has once gain unblocked Curly’s Corner Shop. He seems to thing he can control it’s content.

Despite forcing the council’s IT department to block access to Mr Monkey’s Blog from council owned computers he’s been unable to stop bloggers accessing the site from council Blackberry devices or from their own computers – the stats prove this.

Mr Monkey reckons that for someone who likes to think he is media savvy and whose profession involves manipulationof the facts, Iain Malcolm would have learned that when you ban something you only increase it’s popularity as everyone wants to see why it was banned in the first place.

Mr Monkey reckons if he’d appointed Malcolm’s lobbying company Sovereign Strategy to act on his behalf they would have charged him thousands for this piece of advise and public exposure his actions have resulted in.

Instead Malcolm’s increasing frustration has resulted in Mr Monkey getting a freebie, although I not sure Alan Donnelly will be too happy about it. Cheers Iain I’m just grateful it was’nt a quickie!


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