My Feminine Side!

The party conference season is upon us again and Mr Monkey met up with a few friends to discuss this year’s Labour Party Conference.

Mr Monkey heard a very interesting story about incident at a Blackpool some years ago involving Iain Malcolm, the Labour Leader of South Tyneside. Apparently one evening he took a shine to one of his female’s colleagues dangly earrings and asked if he could wear them. The woman concerned thought that this was a strange request but did did not want to spoil the evening nor did she want to offend Iain’s girlish nature so she decided to let Iain wear them.

Iain felt very comfortable with wearing this woman’s earrings in a public place and refused to hand them back – he was obviously exploring his feminine side and his own sexuality.

With tendencies like this it’s now wonder he tried to hide in the closet, unfortunately for him it seems his secret is out although he’s desperately trying to convince the rest of us that he’s just one of the lads!

Cum on Iain we all know you’ll never be one of the lads because you’d rather bang em instead!


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