Alcholic Works The System

Seems the borough’s number one piss-head Labour Councillor Eddie McAtominey has been at it again.

This time his representatives have been to court CLICK HERE to seek yet another adjournment in the long running drink driving saga following Councillor McAtominey’s, who is a member of the police authority, arrest after refusing to provide a sample when he was caught behind the wheel of  his car pissed as a skunk.

It seems that Councillor McAtominey is trying to work a flanker to get off with the charges against him, no doubt on medical grounds. Hence the need for a ‘specialist’ who Mr Monkey predicts will claim that the pisshead Mr Integrity, Councillor McAtominey, suffers from some rare medical condition that caused that left him confused.

Well Eddie, tell your loop hole lawyer, not to waste his time and our money, we know what a lying arsehole you really are.

You’re a piss-head with a serious drink problem, your liver’s fucked and you couldn’t give a shit what people think could you?

All you want to do is drink yourself to death at the public’s expense, isn’t that why your wriggling like a worm to get out of this one? We all know you can’t do without dosh you screw out of the public purse, how else are you going to pay for your Chablis and lobster?

In case you’ve forgotten how much you get (your pissed most of the time so your memory might be pickled) here’s a reminder:

Councillors Basic Allowance – £7000 per year
Special Responsibility Allowance – £9000 per year
Police Authority Allowance- £10,000 per year.

and a pension of course!

No wonder you’ve found some as yet unheard of rare medical condition, isn’t it called: ‘You Lying Bastard Syndrome’?


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