Council Parking Blunder Cover Up – Is The Gazette Invoved?

Seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing down at the Gazette. Perhaps Papa John is too busy stuffing his face with pepperoni pizza or is he involved in a plot with the council to mislead the public?

Apparently yesterday’s front page news about South Tyneside Council’s loading bay blunder wasn’t the full story. For that readers will have to check out the Gazette’s website CLICK HERE where a very different picture emerges.

According to the website version Niel Herron, a motoring campaigner from Sunderland, said: “The law is a two-way street, which means the council must make sure it is within the law before it punishes those who appear to break it.

“I contacted the council’s Streetscape department after a local retailer called me in because he kept getting fines when he was parked near his premises.

“I visited the area in South Shields marketplace and I could see immediately that the bays were too small.

“I contacted the council, who said that if the markings were wrong, they’d repaint them and refund the money collected.”

He added: “I hope South Tyneside Council follow the lead of Sheffield City Council, who paid back £350,000 to motorists without any quibble, because other councils haven’t been so fair.”

However, the council’s has now decided to seek legal advise to see whether”whether they can reimburse those drivers who received a penalty charge notice” and has belatedly issued a press release CLICK HERE. Mr Monkey reckons that the council had decided to say nowt unless they were rumbled and it seems they were, hence the sudden press release, even though they were told of the problem in June. 

Even by South Tyneside Council’s own openness policy ‘bullshit standard’ this statement takes the biscuit.

Mr Monkey and the entire population of the borough knows that the council are only seeking legal advice to get out of refunding those motorists who have received an illegal Penalty Charge Notice and for no other reason.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering why the full version of events did not appear in yesterday’s Gazette, surely Papa John was not got at by the council was he? If so what ever happened to his journalist’s integrity and surely censorship went out with Stalin didn’t it?

It remains to be seen whether the Gazette will do a follow up story given the inivitable public interest but somehow Mr Monkey reckons there’s more chance of Iain Malcolm admitting he’s gay.


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