Potts on The Verge of Joining Labour

A source close to the Labour leadership has confirmed that Tory Boy, Councillor David Potts the disgraced former Conservative General Election candidate for Edinburgh South West has held secret talks with Council Leader Iain Malcolm regarding his defection to the Labour party.

It seems that Pudgy Face Potts has resigned himself to the fact that he no longer has any future within the Conservative party and feels the only way to achieve his long standing political ambitions is to walk the floor.

Senior Labour councillor beleive a deal has now been done and all that remains is the timing of the announcement.

Apparently Iain Malcolm wants to hold back the announcement until he can use it to put the boot into the other opposition groups and get maximum press coverage.

Mr Monkey reckons the announcement can’t come soon enough, after all he has been a closet Blairite ever since Iain Malcolm signed off his record travel expense claim when he reckoned he was partying and shagging himself daft claims to have been studying at Cambridge University. 

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether Councillor Leask will make way for David Potts in 2010 who doesn’t stand a chance of getting re-elected in Cleadon and East Boldon especially if the opposition come a knocking.

Now Horsley Hill, that’s a different matter entirely and isn’t it an open secret that Iain Malcolm wants rid of Vodka Lil?


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