Climb Aboard – It’s Free Love!

According to this article in today’s Gazette, former Labour councillor, Mark Walsh will be participating in Sunday’s Great North Run and intends raising money for the Mayor’s charity.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether Mr Walsh is the husband of newly elected Biddick Hall Labour councillor and three in a bed slapper Ann Walsh?

Ann has a reputation for enjoying free love with multiple partners, preferably at the same time. Apparently she loves nothing more than shagging two brothers at the same time, just ask your butcher?

Mr Monkey reckons that after all the action this old slapper councillor Walsh has seen it’s no wonder she squeals when she talks. Getting a good porking in every conceivable hole won’t have helped.

Can’t be much fun for Mark though, wondering what he might meet coming out of the old slapper’s love tunnel. Poor bastard has to put a coin in the toll booth every time he wants a shag and then has to pluck up the courage before entering the abyss.

Imagine being sucked into a deep dark bottomless hole never to return? No wonder he’s taken up jogging!


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