Brady Reaches The End of The Line

Following a spate of blunders senior Labour party sources have confirmed that councillor, Bill Brady will be forced out ‘step down’ at the next local elections in 2010.

Labour party colleagues and officers of the council have been worried about his erratic and irrational behaviour for sometime, but now fear for his safety and well-being following a spate of car accidents.

It seems old age has’nt been kind to councillor Brady and he’s now losing his marbles.

Councillor Iain Malcolm has had a number of confidential discussions about councillor Brady’s future and wants him to step down in 2010 before he  becomes an electoral liability and losses the seat, probably to the Indy Alliance.

Mr Monkey reckons that councillor Brady won’t take too kindly to having his nose pushed out and knowing what a devious bastard he his, don’t be surprised if Bill hasn’t already lined up a replacement that he can manipulate and do what he and not what Iain Malcolm wants him or her to do.

If Iain Malcolm isn’t careful he could make a right pigs ear of this one and Bill might just have the last laugh!


1 Response to “Brady Reaches The End of The Line”

  1. 1 Peter
    01/10/2008 at 21:12

    Mr Monkey : Cllr brady is not the only councillor losing his marbles.
    Just pop into the Biddick & All Saints ward and you will find a very poorly councillor. I don`t have to tell you who this counsillor is because they stand out like a sore thumb. This councillors colleagues need shooting for allowing this person to carry on in the state they are.

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