Waggott Quits

Mr Monkey has learned that councillor Linda Waggott, the political prostitute who is happy to represent any ward as long as she gets paid for it, has quit the board of South Tyneside Homes.

Senior officers and the inner core of Labour councillors were told yesterday that she had tendered her resigination with immediate effect, although no reasons were given.

Mr Monkey can only speculate as to the reason behind her sudden resignation, although on past form it’s likely to be a dispute over money or perhaps she’s been offered something more lucrative elsewhere.

Bloggers will remember that following the demise of her husband Paul, who was unceremoniously dumped by the people of Fellgate and Hedworth in May’s elections, Linda was angry that she had not been given a position of responsibility in Iain Malcolm’s regime was to get no extra money especially as the Waggott household’s income had suddenly fallen by around £45,000 a year with Paul losing his seat.

In an attempt to stop the old divisions between the A and B teams from resurfacing Iain Malcolm decided give the bitch a bone – no not shag her, he only does the same sex, by appointing her to the board of South Tyneside Homes, although Mr Shifty, councillor Tom Hanson was far from happy that he’d been asked to step down albeit with promises of greater things to come.

It now seems that poor old Linda was conned. Apparently you only get expenses for being on the South Tyneside Homes board and the days earning a few extra quid by handing out council houses in exchange for little brown envelopes have gone.

How she wishes she was still chair of housing, at least her bank manager does!


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