Friday: It Must Be Freebie Night

Labour councillors increasingly look forward to Friday night’s because they get a chance to let their hair down in the Town Hall, at the public’s expense.

For the rest of us, the credit crunch is bitting hard and people are having to scrimp and save to make ends meet due escalating energy prices and just about every other basic commodity. All this whilst Labour councillors find yet more imaginative ways of milking the system to feed their insatiable appetite for free beer and a sausage roll or two at the ratepayers expense.

Why spend your own dosh when there’s some unsuspecting fool who will pay for it?

After yesterday’s exclusive revelation CLICK HERE that Papa John Syzmanski is to be given full membership of the Malcolm Gang at an all expenses paid piss up and eat as much as you like buffet at the Town Hall later tonight, Mr Monkey has learned that this is just the latest in a long line of Friday night freebies.

It’s amazing the lengths Iain Malcolm will go to to silence the press.

Apparently two weeks ago Labour councillors held another reception for a retiring police officer.  Not just any police officer mind, but Ritchie Miles a true friend of Labour the community and councillor Ernest Gibson.

Councillor Gibson, who loves his grub and beer as long as he’s not paying for it, spoke eloquently about Ritchie Miles in a Gazette feature CLICK HERE about Sgt Miles. Yet niether the Gazette nor Fatboy Slim made any reference to this blatant miss-use of public money for another Friday night freebie.

Now Mr Monkey has learned that there is to be yet another freebie for councillors and members of the Malcolm Gang. Don’t worry Papa John you’ll always get an invite now that you’re in the gang. This time it’s a bash to formally award Freedom of the Borough to Paul Waggott and will include an all expenses paid reception for those attending.

This bash will be held on Friday 24th October at 7.30pm and follows the infamous £50 per head Labour party bash for a select group of Labour councillors and activists to celebrate Waggottt’s life on the council.

No he’s not died, nor has he retired, he just lost his seat in May’s elections!

Mr Monkey will be keeping a close eye on the comings and goings at the Town Hall particularly on a Friday night and will name and shame those who turn up to Labour’s Friday night freebies – starting with tonight’s bash for Papa John.

Let’s face it, we can’t rely the Gazette telling the good folks of South Tyneside how they spent Friday night sponging of the ratepayer?


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