Are Labour Going To The Polls in 2009?

Mr Monkey received a tip off last night from an inside source claiming that the Government had put a draft order before Parliament seeking to change the date of next year’s local elections. Not all local councils will be going to the polls, those that are were scheduled to hold elections on Thursday 7th May 2009.

If the Government’s order is approved and there is no reason why it won’t, May’s local elections will be moved to coincide with the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 4th June 2009.

Mr Monkey’s source reckons that Labour may well be planning to hold a snap election sooner than pundits think. Perhaps Gordon Broon thinks holding three elections on the same day might confuse the public but Mr Monkey reckons he’s probably trying to catch the Conservative party off guard and hopes to stretch thier resources to the limit.

If I were a betting monkey I would put my money on 4th June being General Election day.


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