Have The Tories Got A New Leader?

It seems Mr Monkey’s prediction that disgraced Tory councillor and sacked Parliamentary candidate David Potts is to be relieved of his duties as leader of the Tories on South Tyneside Council is correct.

Tory Boy Potts who loves any publicity good or bad, seems to have been sidelined by his colleagues in favour of councillor Donald Wood. Take a look at this article in yesterday’s Gazette and you could be forgiven for thinking that coun. Woods is leader of the Conservatives and not David Potts.

The article is interesting in so much as it talks about Conservative prospects at the 2010 local elections and there is no mention of Potts in any reference to the future.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether a deal to get rid of Tory Boy has already been done and coun. Woods sudden appearance from the shadows is the final death nail in Tory Boy’s coffin.

Well done coun. Wood, your decisive action may just have saved the Tories reputation.


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