Cheap Trick By Miliband

Mr Monkey agrees with Curly over at the Corner shop and the author of yesterday’s letter in the Gazette criticising Foreign Secretary and South Shields MP David Miliband for publicly cashing on the misfortune of the Mayor CLICK HERE.

There is no denying that whoever nicked the Mayor’s charity collection is scum of the worst kind and deserves everything coming to him, but to use this as an excuse for a bit of cheap publicity is nearly as bad and has left Mr Monkey wondering what lengths Mr Miliband is prepared to go to to keep in the public eye.

Mr Monkey appreciates that things have been hard for David since he opened his mouth and tried stabbing his boss in the back, but even Mr Teflon has got to agree he got this one badly wrong.

On his salary and perks surely a couple of thousand pounds would have been a more sincere gesture, instead he thought he’d get away with handing over a miserable £50 .. in full glare of the media of course.

Now that’s what Mr Monkey calls sincerity!


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