Doc Brown Goes Back To The Future

So Gordon Brown has took a trip back in time after his recent cabinet reshuffle with the shock recall of EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson as Business Secretary.

Peter Mandelson, a serial quiter from the Cabinet, will become a Lord to take the role, something had to make it worthwhile him leaving the EU gravy train.

It seems Gordon Brown’s desperation knows no bounds. Why else would he appoint a controversial arch Blairite with a history of trouble to his cabinet unless he has a cunning plan.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether Mandelson is set to become the new fall guy in the Cabinet, taking the heat off the Prime Minister?

How long will he last this time? And how will the public react?

In another reshuffle, Alistair Campbell, former Press Officer for Tony Blair, returns to the gravy train Labour Government as external adviser and will no doubt be handsomely rewarded for his trouble.

So its back with Campbell and Mandelson then. The only person missing from the old ‘junta’ is Tony Blair and we’d be right back in the 90’s again. 

We couldn’t get any more Back to the Future if the deranged ‘Doc Emmett’ Gordon Brown’ had arrived at 10 Downing Street in a De Lorean.

He must feel like Marty McFly fading away on stage, whilst waiting for the public to embrace the New Labour message again.

Its a pity for him that we’re on the same trip as he is and lightning won’t strike that clock tower twice!


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