Congratulations Papa John!

Congratulations are due to Papa John Szymanski for finally pulling his snout out of Malcolm’s arse freebie trough for long enough to realise he’s not been doing his job properly.

Or has somebody at the group’s regional office in Sunderland hauled him over the coals for taking his eye off the ball?

As editor of the borough’s declining daily, ‘The Malcolm Fanzine’, his duties include overseeing the letters pages. Unfortunately now he’s a member of the ‘in crowd’ he’s too busy arse licking and feeding his face at other peoples expense to realise that the on-line letters page has not been updated since August 28th CLICK HERE.

At last some ‘visionary’ at the Gazette has picked up on the error and decided to update the page CLICK HERE .. it’s only taken two months!

Well done Papa John, give yourself a pat on the back stop off at Greggs on the way home to your next meeting with Iain Malcolm .. that way you can both share a bit of cream or do you prefer your bait a bit more salty?


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