Airport Payouts To Come Under Scrutiny

South Tyneside Councils role in the ‘great airport rip off’ in which ex-chief executive John Parkin and Lars Friis, its former finance director were handed over £8.5m in bonus payments is to come under close scrutiny if Newcastle MP Jim Cousins gets his way. CLICK HERE.

The payments were made with the full knowledge and approval of South Tyneside Council who act as the lead authority for the 7 councils who whose combined stake makes them the majority shareholder.

Since news of these huge payouts first broke South Tyneside Council and in particular council leader Iain Malcolm; who sits on the Airport Board and was chair of the Airport’s remuneration committee have remained tight lipped and refused to comment.

Mr Monkey reckons that they’d better start talking soon because Mr Cousins seems determined to get to the bottom of what really happened and is questioning South Tyneside’s leadership role in this affair.

Seems heads will roll.


1 Response to “Airport Payouts To Come Under Scrutiny”

  1. 1 The man in the know
    23/10/2008 at 23:01

    There’s one local councillor up to his neck in fucking fraud, and he knows it.

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