Identity Theft

It seems a certain individual spent most of yesterday evening posting comments on Mr Monkey’s blog and thought that it would be funny to use other people’s names to hide his identity.

Mr Monkey appreciates that some people do not want to the reveal their true identities and understands that some people use a nickname to make a point.

Except for a brief period, Mr Monkey has not moderated bloggers comments because Mr Monkey believes in everyone’s right to have and express an opinion. Mr Monkey assumes that those who want the world to know who they are will use their real identities. Those who don’t will either remain anonymous or use a nickname.

What Mr Monkey didn’t expect was identity theft.

The person responsible for the majority of comments yesterday evening posted them under the names of real individuals and did so by stealing their identities; Mr Mr Monkey is not amused.

If the person concerned wishes to post comments in the future please do so under your own name, use a nickname or remain anonymous, do not impersonate others, if you do I will publish what information I have about you on line for all to see.

Comments posted last night will remain on the blog. However Mr Monkey can confirm that all the comments were made by the same individual and from  same location and are not from the individuals whose names were used.


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