Monkey’s Popularity Keeps on Growing

The other local blog hosted by The Mackem Hobbit aka Curly has gone to great lengths this week to discredit Mr Monkey’s Blog.

According to the little fat sleazy hobbit, Mr Monkey makes up his own comments to convince bloggers that he has more than a handful of readers. Sorry you sad little Mackem Hobbit but Mr Monkey has some bad news for you; yesterday was a milestone for Mr Monkey’s Blog.

Since this version of the blog was launched on 29th July it has now passed more than 25,000 unique hits. That’s an average of 284 individual readers per day. The single biggest number of readers in a day was 597 on October 16th.

The top 5 posts in terms of hits are;

About Mr Monkey
Err What’s That David?
Potts Up To His Old Tricks
Hot Date With Potts ‘Lover’

Not bad considering Mr Monkey’s Blog is a local blog aimed at South Tyneside and it’s quite an achievement considering it’s only been around for just 3 months. No wonder it’s the most talked about blog in the borough. 

Imagine the hits Mr Monkey could attract if he was to take a leaf out of The Mackem Hobbit’s story book and was to link it to every big blog going in a desperate attempt to drive up his hits.

Just think how popular Mr Monkey’s Blog will be in 3 years time; that how long Mr Monkey gave The Mackem Hobbit to get started.

Watch out o’ little fat one Mr Monkey’s coming to get ya!


2 Responses to “Monkey’s Popularity Keeps on Growing”

  1. 1 Irving Washington
    26/10/2008 at 18:52

    You could of course half this three year period by adopting some of Mr Rigg’s own blog tactics – use lots of pictures of semi naked women and people with large breasts, then litter your blog titles with references to sex, homosexuality and innuendo. You could also adopt an unhealthy fixation with Sarah Palin and trawl the Internet for clip art pictures of dresses and underwear that you would love to see her in! If Mr Curly had his own analyst like your own short lived nemesis, then I think the good doctor would recommend that Rigg purchase a Barbie Doll and a set of beach clothes. That way he could do his own exploring out of view of his Internet readers. Who knows, he may even find a roll for himself as Ken!

  2. 2 Papa John (Extra cheese)
    26/10/2008 at 19:50

    I’ve got a bit of dirt on him if you’re interested. how can i contact you?

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