Sunderland Win The Champions League!

Sunderland fans are waking up this morning thinking they’ve won the Champions League instead of scraping 3 points against an out of sort’s Newcastle team courtesy of a well taken free kick.

Three generations of mackem fans finally realised what it feels like to win a game on their home turf against the toon.


Their 2-1 win can’t come anywhere near to being battered 4-1 on your own ground on your way to the Championship but the reality for the toon is they are in the relegation zone with just six points.


Mr Monkey reckons that defeat was on the cards given that the club is still in a total mess and the for sale sign is still hanging over St James’s Park and the antics of Mike Ashley back in September still make relegation a possibility.


Having clawed themselves back into yesterday’s game, the toon could have pushed on and won it and had the chances to do so. But in the end the scoreline was probably more comfortable for Sunderland.


Yet if the toon were unorganised on the field, Sunderland as a football club were all over the place off it.


Mr Monkey reckons that many Sunderland supporters will deem some of his views as sour grapes, but Mr Monkey is talking about the safety of genuine people who support both clubs.


How is it so easy for fans to get on to the pitch at Sunderland?


To allow fans to run at the away section is simply unacceptable and if the FA don’t act on it (with similar occurrences in the past having gone unpunished) then there something seriously wrong with the game.


Youngsters at both ends of the ground were at risk as both sets of fans were allowed to charge at each other.


The stewards and police were quick enough to act when Joey Barton had the audacity to warm up as sub.


Barton was also spat at and pelted with bottles and coins, all of which should have no place in a football ground; this is 2008 and not 1978.


Why was a supporter from the Sunderland end allowed to get dangerously close to Shay Given?


Whoever was in charge of security at Sunderland should hang their head in shame and he or she must be sacked following yesterday’s disgraceful scenes.


Most toon fans have the tag as best supporters in the country because they are so civilised when it comes to visitors arriving on Tyneside.


But it was far from civilised at the Stadium of Shite with people who are supposed to be looking after the crowd more interested in what was happening on the pitch and whether their side could win for the first time in 28 years; some people will do anything not to pay for a ticket!


As usual toon fans were kept locked in the stadium at the end of the game but how come Sunderland fans were also allowed to remain in the stadium to put more people in danger while stewards laughed and smiled along with the the mackem trash?


So many questions and all of the answers lie with the FA.


If they are half as efficient as they were when they banned Barton and Joe Kinnear for their misdemeanours in the game, they should also come down on Sunderland like a ton of bricks; but Mr Monkey won’t hold his breath!


Enjoy your moment of fame, 14 weeks isn’t long to wait for revenge!


5 Responses to “Sunderland Win The Champions League!”

  1. 1 Nel
    26/10/2008 at 14:04

    Bitter doesn’t even come close to describing that rubbish!!

  2. 2 F T Maxwell
    26/10/2008 at 15:59

    lovely grapes this morning eh

  3. 3 Mr Monkey
    26/10/2008 at 16:29

    Nel .. seems the FA want to know why you mackems were incapable of keeping you’re own house in order. Click on the link below for details.


    Some rubbish eh!

  4. 4 Jonny
    27/10/2008 at 11:11

    Your comments on the deserved defeat by Sunderland are totally sour grapes and nothing more than i would expect to hear from a Newcastle fan.

    However, i agree with your comments regarding the safety of the crowd and the lack of organization of the stewards. I would have thought a few heads should roll for that.

    BUT- i am afraid that the presence of Joey Barton is going to cause trouble no matter which ground he appears at. I’m not saying it is correct what happened, just a consequence of who Barton is and his past behaviour.

    As for the FA, i think they will come down on Sunderland hard, certainly issuing some recommendations.

  5. 5 Nel
    27/10/2008 at 21:09

    So the Sunderland fans were responsible for the seats being ripped out of the Newcastle section and thrown to the front – narrowly missing people on the sideline?????

    Or did that not happen???

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