Vodka Lil and That Stick

Mr Monkey has always wondered why Vodka Lil, councillor Eileen Leask wanders round with a walking stick.

Naively Mr Monkey thought it might of been something to do with her health or mobility until he realised she’s moves like a whippet when she needs to get to the bar, especially if someone else is paying.

Then Mr Monkey thought it might be to fend off the amorous advances of her husband Peter – even her twat gets an odd twinge, but apparently he’s got no balls!

Mr Monkey was left with only one logical explanation, perhaps it had something to do with the benefits she claims and a walking stick would help support her lies case.

The mystery was finally solved on Friday night when Mr Monkey observed councillor Leask necking as much free booze as she could get her hands on at Waggott’s Freedom of the Borough bash.

 .. She needs the stick to to keep her propped up against the bar otherwise she’d fall flat on her arse when she’s pissed.

No wonder Iain Malcolm wants rid of her, come back Arthur Meeks .. at least you can take take your drink!


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