Potts Joins The Labour Benches

The King of Sleaze, disgraced Tory councillor David Potts has pulled some stupid fucking stunts in his time but what Mr Monkey witnessed on Friday night at Waggott’s Freedom of the Borough bash has got to top the lot.


The first part of the ‘lets pay homage to our fallen comrade’ charade was held in the council chamber.


Around 110 people attended the formal presentation with Labour councillors, the King of Sleaze and of all people, Jim Capstick taking up seats in the chamber.


Given that the evening was only taking place because Tory Boy Potts – the Boldon Pussy Prowler, forced his two colleagues in to voting for the motion to reward Waggott, it was was fitting that The King of Sleaze swapped his usual place on the opposition benches for a seat on Labour’s front bench.


Yes the arsehole had the audacity to cross the floor and join his Labour lackies on their side of the chamber.


And out of all the people he decided to sit next, he parked his portly arse next to Shrek aka councillor Ernest Gibson. This is the man Pudgy Face vehemently hates because he exposed him as the most likely person behind the Brenda fiasco.


Mr Monkey still can’t get over what he witnessed on Friday but now he’s had time to think about it Mr Monkey reckons he was trying out the seat for size.


Cum May 2010 if Potts is re-elected he’ll have nowhere else to go, that assumes Malcolm has a use for him!


1 Response to “Potts Joins The Labour Benches”

  1. 1 Irving Washington
    28/10/2008 at 17:45

    Councillor Gibson was indeed a strange companion for Penfold to sit next to. Those readers with long memories will recall Mr Gibson’s self styled “community” blog, which whilst pretty politically tame, had the pleasure of breaking the “do you know who I am?” tale, when Tory Boy finally realized that people err…… didn’t know who he was!

    Ernest always appeared to have distaste for Potts – I wonder why this has changed and what they now have in common? Alcohol and a free meal will always bring these two strange bedfellows together, and their public flogging at the hands of local bloggers, Gibson over BRENDA and Potts with you, would definitely have been a mutual talking point. I suspect the reason is a lot simpler then we assume – neither of them have any mates and so they were drawn to each other across the Chamber! How romantic.

    Unlike your good self, I don’t think Penfold will cross the floor. There isn’t a safe Labour ward that would elect an ex Tory, and the marginal areas have enough sense to spot a political chameleon when they see one. I do however, think that Malcolm and Potts are looking at a back door deal – 2010 will make or break Labour in South Tyneside. They will either hold their own in the local election (thereby remaining in overall control of the Council) or they will loose sufficient seats to see the Independents take over all control. However, if Potts agreed not to field candidates in certain marginal wards, thereby not splitting the vote, then Malcolm and Co may be able to hold on to power.

    Lord Voldemort has enough dirt on Penfold to fill a skip, so persuading him to take a dive in a few wards wont be that hard. Even if the local Conservatives decide on a leadership change, the likely successor, Councillor Wood, has no political acumen what so ever, and would fall a quick victim to Malcolm’s spells and ways.

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