Ed Malcolm Runs Out of Coal!

Mr Monkey had an interesting conversation with an old miner in Houghton yesterday.

Seems that Ed Malcolm’s attempt to become an MP on the back of his “I used to be a miner” scam may have been scuppered by Mr Monkey.

If Ed Malcolm’s reaction in the members room to the last post about his attempts to hijack the Houghton and Washington East seat, where he went ballistic, are anything to go by, this one will have him jumping out of the window!

The old miner who Mr Monkey will call Arthur is a well known locally and unlike Ed ‘I used to be a miner’ Malcolm, Arthur spent more than 40 years working on the face at various collieries across County Durham.

Arthur reckons that until Mr Monkey exposed the other side of Ed Malcolm, he was the definite front runner for the nomination. But it now seems someone has tipped off bloggers in the Houghton area and Mr Monkey’s Blog is the talk of the pubs and clubs.

Suddenly questions are being asked about Ed and his brother Iain’s backgrounds and the silence surrounding Iain’s role in the Newcastle Airport fiasco have raised a few eyebrows.

Seems local party members are now demanding answers and Ed’s position is looking a little precarious.


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