Curly and The Monkey

Seems the Mackem Hobbit over at the Corner Shop is determined to help Mr Monkey’s Blog become the number one blog in South Tyneside.

Mr Monkey is confused by this sudden change of heart because last week the Mackem Hobbit aka Curly, was telling the world that only “half a dozen people” visit the “other South Tyneside odious disreputable blog”.

It now seems he must have been talking about another blog because hundreds of people, including the Mackem Hobbit visit Mr Monkey’s Blog daily.

Unlike the Mackem Hobbit Mr Monkey has no need to link to other bigger blogs or use search engine friendly words and phrases in an attempt to drive up hits. He’ll leave that to the Hobbit whose doing a canny job on Mr Monkey’s behalf.


5 Responses to “Curly and The Monkey”

  1. 1 Irving Washington
    30/10/2008 at 08:34

    Rigg never really recovered from the BRENDA affair, when his smug little smile was completely wiped of his face. Prior to the libellous comments being posted on his site, comments reached the 20+ levels. Now he is lucky if he actually gets past the “pingback” point. His recent obsession with the American election (and a certain female), are an indication that when it comes to South Tyneside’s political scene, he no longer commands any attention or level of trust.

    Perhaps the title to his site should be amended to “South Tyneside’s second premier blogger”.

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