Miliband Snubs Waggott

South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband appears to want nothing to do with Labour’s cheapening of the Freedom of Borough award.

Mr Monkey, who attended Friday’s formal ceremony in the town hall can confirm that Mr Miliband was not in attendance despite being sent an invitation. Seems he was conveniently otherwise engaged.

Mr Miliband refused to attend was also absent from the infamous £50 a head Labour party bash paid for by taxpayer; to “celebrate Mr Waggott’s life on the council”.

Current leader, councillor Iain Malcolm made a shameful attempt to justify this disgraceful waste of taxpayers money when he was challenged by the press by claiming it was a chance to network. CLICK HERE. 

Try using the phone you spineless twat!

Mr Monkey also noticed that Iain Malcolm’s nemesis, friend of Mr Miliband, Freeman of the Borough and former South Shields MP Dr David Clarke also snubbed was missing from the lets lick Waggott’s arse do on Friday night.

Older bloggers will remember the cat fights in the 80s and 90s between the South Shields and Jarrow Labour parties and the emergence of the A and B teams. It seems somethings never change.

Mr Monkey can confirm that the Jarrow Mob were out in force and even ‘I’ll drive if I want to’ councillor McAtominey had the nerve to second the formal proposal.

Also paying homage were Lord and Lady Dixon and the Malcolm arse whipper kicker, Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn. But then there was free beer to be had and Linda was there to pick him up if he fell over.

Mr Monkey congratulates David Miliband for having the common sense to stay away. His absence makes it clear what he really thinks about his colleagues blatant misuse of power .. but we all know what he thinks of Iain Malcolm don’t we?


4 Responses to “Miliband Snubs Waggott”

  1. 1 Disgusted
    31/10/2008 at 06:28

    Its a shameful and disgraceful waste of the taxpayers money. He should be made to pay it back out of his own pocket ! How can he justify spending ANY of the taxpayers money on “entertainment”.
    Thanks for bringing this out in the open MrMonkey !! I’d love to shake your hand for exposing the truth !

  2. 2 Cheesed off
    31/10/2008 at 17:26

    To Labour your money is thier money and they’ll enjoy spending it.

  3. 3 Irving Washington
    03/11/2008 at 09:48

    Why have the Gazette not covered this issue? Surely this is a matter of great public importance? I thought David MaClean was a campaigning journalist?

    To many questions – no answers!

  4. 4 Mr Monkey
    03/11/2008 at 10:56

    but does ‘The Birdman’ have the final say?

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