Monkey Clip

It’s been a tough week for council leader Iain Malcolm.

Since news of the multi-million pound pay off to 2 former friends colleagues at Newcastle Airport broke, his role in this murky affair has come under close media scrutiny.

In addition to sitting on the main Newcastle Airport Board, councillor Iain Malcolm sat on the remuneration panel which approved the £8.5 million payout to 2 fellow board members; the former Chief Executive and Director of Finance.

This week a number of other councils who own shares in Newcastle Airport and whose members appointed Iain Malcolm to the main airport board have called for a full public investigation, councillor Malcolm’s resignation and for South Tyneside Council to be stripped of it’s lead authority role.

In a gesture of sympathy, Mr Monkey has decided to dedicate this week’s Monkey Clip to the embattled leader of South Tyneside Council, councillor Iain Malcolm.  

Although his airport problem won’t go away at least he’ll be able to console himself by having a wank relaxing whilst he watches this hunk in action.

CLICK HERE and keep the tissues handy!


2 Responses to “Monkey Clip”

  1. 1 BIG DADDY
    01/11/2008 at 20:19

    Get out ya dirty bastard we want to see some chicks, lasses with big tits in nurses uniforms.
    No Bender Boys like Malcom does.

  2. 2 Mr Monkey
    02/11/2008 at 08:49

    Cum Pudgy Face, could’nt you cum up with a better name than Big Daddy?

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