Malcolm Snuggles Up To Khan!

Councillor Khan the Indy Alliance councillor for Beacon and Bents seems to be taking a leaf out councillors Elsom, Potts, Hetherington, Hickman and Milburn’s book when it comes to licking Iain Malcolm’s arse. CLICK HERE. 

Either that or councillors Khan and Malcolm are up to something and don’t want any of their colleagues to know what it is.

Mr Monkey was surprised to see councillor Kahn featured in the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine alongside Iain Malcolm in what seemed to be a cosy little ‘love in’ between 2 political rivals.

Mr Monkey assumed that these 2 political heavyweights couldn’t stand the sight of each other yet there may be more to this than meets the eye. This new ‘relationship’ may well have a hidden agenda that suits both individuals that may well surprise us all. 

Perhaps councillor Malcolm has offered Mr Khan some kind of deal to write off his substantial court cost resulting from his failed election petition or maybe he wants Mr Khan to play a more prominent role in his administration.

Looking at what little talent councillor Malcolm has it his disposal he could do with an injection of new blood and what better way to put a dent the Indy Alliance’s 2010 election prospects than by buying off offering councillor Khan a cabinet portfolio perhaps as councillor McAtominey’s replacement?

Politicians make strange bed fellows!


4 Responses to “Malcolm Snuggles Up To Khan!”

  1. 1 last king of scotland
    03/11/2008 at 14:34

    och aye the noi

  2. 2 Adi Amen
    03/11/2008 at 14:36

    Good to see your back last king of scotland

  3. 3 Idi Amin
    03/11/2008 at 14:39

    Somebodys arse is about to ache.

  4. 4 Irving Washington
    03/11/2008 at 14:56

    Perhaps Councillor Khan has ulterior motives for backing the Act referred to in the original Gazette article. The opposition to planned changes to the nature of the area in and around Gypsies Green may fall under the remit of the new legislation.

    At an open council sub committee meeting held some time ago, Tavistock directors publicly said they were committed to the region and had no plans to radically change their business profile. Recently they have sold “The Rattler” to Cameron’s Brewery, and halted developments re “Dougies Tavern”, putting the property up for sale (despite the fact that they placed an advert in the Gazette outlining their redevelopment plans). If they adopt the same approach to Gypsies Green, they will buy the land for buttons and sell on as soon as possible at a great profit.

    Guess who supports the scheme – Iain Malcolm. Coming soon to a cinema near you – “Newcastle Airport Part Two”.

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